Welcome to the Complete Idiot's College Biology Blog

I am the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to College Biology (publication date, June 2010). You may be interested in my book if you are doing any of the following:

  • taking a college biology class for majors
  • taking a college bio class for nonmajors
  • preparing for a placement test/AP test
  • needing to brush up for the MCAT
  • getting ready for the GRE Biology subject test

For students encountering college biology for the first time, this book gives you excellent support and understandable explanations. For  those of you who seek a review, you’ll find it here in an accessible and not-too-tedious comprehensive book.

Two online resources for college biology

Along with the book, I provide two online resources. The first is collegebio.net. There, you’ll find more permanent types of information, such as errata, updates, links to useful sites, a complete chapter on microbes, and a comprehensive, downloadable glossary.

The second online resource is this blog. Here, you’ll find dynamic content including questions from actual students and my actual answers. Yes…I’m offering up some assistance here with the tough questions you encounter in college bio. You’ll also find anything I turn up on the Web that is weird, wonderful, or just plain wacky in the world of biology. It’s a pretty large planet, so expect to see something that can be described with a W-word just about every day. To find what you want, click on one of the category labels to the right.

That’s it. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you get some good use from the book, the blog, and the Website.


Emily Willingham, PhD
Author, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to College Biology

About ejwillingham
Sciwriter/editor/autism-ADHD parent. SciMaven @ http://doublexscience.blogspot.com/. I speak my pieces @ http://daisymayfattypants.blogspot.com/ & @ http://thebiologyfiles.blogspot.com/

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